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by Tatiana-san, 21 July 2014

Every weekend we go cycling. It’s already a tradition; we choose an interesting location or event we want to see, take our bikes and go. Without planning the whole route in advance, because who knows what we will want later on?..

This time I decided that I want to visit Charleville. No particular reason. It’s a small town in France, I passed it once by train, on the way to Reims, and decided to visit it one day. So, I left my suggestion in Bike Rides in Luxembourg, a Facebook group where we usually plan all our adventures. The weather forecast didn’t look promising, and I didn’t expect many people to come over.

I took a train in Esch and arrived in Rodange at 9:15. Half an hour later – and I was in Longwy. That’s my usual way of crossing the French border, by bike: the road Rodange-Longwy is 8km with almost no traffic. At the train station in Longwy I met Tomas. The whole way to Charleville we were sitting in the 1st class listening to the controleur’s stories J How the train drivers fall asleep while driving… Nice guy)

Regardless of the forecast, the weather was fine. We collected all possible maps in the local tourist office, rode a little bit in the towns (Charleville-Mézières used to be two towns which have been united). The place is really worth visiting! Especially, Mézières. A small medieval town somewhere in France…

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After the sight-seeing, a strategic question arose: what to do next? It was around 14h, and the train back was at 21h. We decided to ride to Sedan. It’s on the route of our train anyway, and only in 20km. There was no bike path; we had to take roads. But on Sunday they were almost empty, so we didn’t have any problems with getting to our intermediate destination.  

Sedan ↓

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The castle of Sedan is the biggest in Europe. And the medieval town itself is beautiful. In short, worth visiting!!!

After a lunch in a picturesque place on the bank of the Meuse river which Tomas found by chance, we moved to the train station, without any plans, just to have a look what the French Railways can offer us. It was already 18h, but still plenty of time left. There was a train to Metz passing Hayange (near Thilnville) at 20h. We bought our tickets and took it.

When we arrived in Hayange, the sun was already pretty low. This meant that now we were against clock. The 26km of riding on roads were waiting for us (no bike path again, it appeared only partly). So, we started.    

We’ve chosen the route to Esch/Alzette - it’s located on the border Fr/Lux, and has pretty good train connection. Following the map on Tomas’s tablette, we faced a problem: there was a high hill. Not steep, but very long. So, I had to walk with my bike. On the top of the hill there was a bean field, where I had my dinner)

The time was flying; it was getting dark pretty fast. The last 5 km we were riding in darkness, on the very side of the road. Respect to French drivers, most of them tried to keep as much distance as possible, bypassing two idiots cycling at night…

At 22h we finally arrived in Esch. It was an amazing day full of adventures and new experience. That’s what I love in travelling by bike – you never know what adventures are waiting for you.

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