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by Tatiana-san, 21 March 2015

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe, and very often it is considered only as a tax heaven, the city of banks etc. But how big is the country in fact? What is outside the capital? I decided to go by bicycle from the Northern border with Belgium to the Southern, with France.

*A short note: Luxembourg has more than 1000 years history, Luxembourgish people have their own culture and language, which is NOT German :)

The distance between the two borders is 80km, which means that in fact my route will be about 120km as the roads are not straight. After checking the time of the sunrise and sunset, I decided to take the first train to Troisvierges, arriving at 6:45.  
I arrived at the starting point, Troisvierges Gare, shortly before the sunrise. It was already bright enough to ride, but still very-very cold, below zero. However, my winter coat and two warm jumpers made me feel comfortable. I started.
The route that I prepared at home has been mixed up after the first 5km. I decided that I don’t need to check my map that often, missed a turn, and eventually found myself in Heinerscheid, still don’t understand why) I decided to follow a local road (E421) down to Maarnach, Hosingen and Hoscheid. It’s a very calm place, especially early in the morning on Sunday. But soon, around 9am, I realised that E421 was my mistake…

There is no high-way yet in Northern Luxembourg, so the biggest road, my E421, in fact is used as high-way by locals. A couple of times I nearly got killed by crazy drivers who wanted to get to their destinations as fast as possible, no matter how many cyclists they will hit. In Hosingen I decided that it’s enough. I took my navigator and started checking alternative routes.

I turned to a walking path which led me to a smaller (and much safer) road towards Consthum. From there I rode to Göbelsmühle train station. It was the most picturesque and pleasant part of my journey.

Upon arrival in Göbelsmühle, I saw an empty road following the Sauer river. No cars!!! Everything is mine!!! That’s happiness :)
Despite unexpected change of the route and extra kilometres, I managed to pass the most dangerous part while most of the drivers were still at home. At 11:30 I was drinking coffee at the main square of Ettelbruck, enjoying warm sunny weather. It was hard to believe that just several hours ago I was cycling on icy road at -2oC…

The rest of the way was much easier. I followed the national bike path PC15 until Luxembourg city. Then I continued to Southern Luxembourg via Herperange, Berchem, Bettembourg, and eventually arrived in Pitcher (bar in Esch/Alzette) by 17:40.


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