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by Kay Fuhrbach, 29 November 2016

Now it's winter already. Not so long, but... On the other hand I have already enough stories to tell, why I HATE public transport, but LOVE cycling.

Just from today:

My bus came to late for 5 min. (planned, 15 min. for changing), so in the end I had to wait 30 min. for the next train, and when this one arrives, you get a feeling of the Film "300", but there are more people in a train you want to get in in time.

Next train : o.k., it was going out of the city, no problem.
Getting back, in the bus, there was a huge guy, sleeping in the bus, and by doing that, he pushed me out of my seat. My nice refugee college offered me a place aside him. And I'm definitely no fan of personal contact to strange huge men.

Changing to the train. A gang of luxembourgish youngsters was all the time telling "Jewish jokes", which means, that the term 'gas' was all the time included. I asked them to stop, but they called me a fucking German... The conductor something like agreed with them.

Of course the train had a retard over 10 min. ...

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