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Where can you buy stuff for your bicycle?

- Big supermarkets (Cactus, Auchan etc.) and HEMA shops
- Bike shops in Luxembourg
- Amazon, eBay
- Local Facebook groups (e.g. Velo Okkasiounsmaart - Kaafen an Verkaafen)

 According to the law, your bicycle must be equipped with the following stuff:

1) bell
2) front and rear brakes
3) yellow or white front light and reflective elements
4) orange reflective elements on spokes (min. two on each wheel)
5) orange reflective elements on pedals
6) red rear reflector
7) yellow reflective stripe (3cmx10cm) on the back
8) red rear light

Bells and horns

There are various models of bells, some of them you can find in HEMA shop for only several euro:

bell1 bell2 bell3 bell4
bell5 bell6 bell7 bell8

Lights and reflectors

According to drivers, reflective elements are more visible at night than lights. Although, the latter shouldn't be forgotten as well.

bike lights

Apart from compulsory front and tail lights, you can install on your bicycle various stuff just for design and style:

style1 style2 style3 style4

Bike electronics

Here are some very useful gadgets that can tell you how much km was your ride, show your speed in real time, and even track your route:

speedometer gps2 gps1 gps3

Bags and baskets

Bags and baskets can make your life significantly easier if you'd like to transport something that didn't fit into your backpack. For example, food after shopping:

basket1 basket2 basket3 basket4
 basket5  basket8 basket6 basket7
basket9 basket10    

Bike locks

There are plenty of types of locks for bicycles, starting from several euro up to 50and more. Which one to choose - it's up to you. In Luxembourg there are not so many bike thefts. However, it DOES happen, and you should think how to protect your bicycle.   

lock1 lock2  lock3  lock4


Some cyclists install mirrors on their bicycles in order to have a better view of the road. But be careful, don't let your bike fall down!

mirror1  mirror2 mirror3

Rain and dirt protection

In rainy weather the drops of water bounce from your tires making your clothes wet and dirty. These things will help you to stay dry and clean:

rain1 rain2 rain3 rain4


On the Internet you can find lots of models of trailers. They can be designed for transporting cargoes or children. In the latter case the trailer have to be consistent with the rules described in the Road Code. 

bicycle trailer

trailer4 trailer2 trailer3

Child seats

A child seat can be either front or rear. In any case, the kid must be fixed with a belt and wear a helmet. His/her feet also must be fixed.

seat1 seat2 seat3

Seat covers

Seat cover will protect you seat from rain drops and also from a layer of condensate which appears in foggy weather. On the Internet you can find a great diversity of designs:

cover1 cover2 cover4 cover3

Water bottles and cages

If you are planning a long ride, it can attach to the frame of your bicycle one or two bottles with water. You will also need to install a bottle cage, which is very cheap.

bottle1  bottle2 bottle3   bottle4

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