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We are happy to announce the 3rd edition of the Urban Cycling Day!!! Save the date - 4th July 2015, 14h-20h in Kulturfabrik (Esch/Alzette)!

Urban Cycling Day is a bike festival aimed at promoting subculture of urban cycling and encouraging people to use bicycles in their everyday life. 


What will be there?

Bike Repair
If your bicycle is broken, and you don't know how to repair it, we can help you! Bring it along to Kulturfabrik, and we will explain you what has to be done, and how to do it. Please note that you might need to buy new parts (e.g. brake pads, cables etc.)

Velosoccasiounsmaart (Sale of Used Bikes)
Looking for a used bike, or have one to sell? Come over to the Urban Cycling Day, there will be a corner where you can sell/buy used stuff. It's free for both buyers and sellers.


Bike maintenance: check list
In this workshop we will show you what you need to do to keep your bike in good condition. Also, we will explain what you need to check on your old bicycle stored in garage for years before riding it again.

Bike washing
Have you ever washed your bike? You need to do it from time to time, not only for the cleanness, but also to the protect the mechanical part. When it's clean, it will serve you longer. But don't worry, it's very fast and easy - we will show you how and what to clean! The stuff for cleaning bikes will be available during the whole festival. If you already know how to use it - just go ahead, even if there's no workshop)

Bike repairing on the road
If you are on a bike trip, or just cycling home from work, and all of a sudden something is broken on your bike, don't panic! Everything (almost) is fixable. We will show you the basics of bike repairing that you can use on the road when there is no bike shop at reach.

Photo-exhibition "Life of Urban Cyclists"
Photos illustrating everyday life of people who have chosen bicycle as the main mean of transport.

Competition: who will change an inner tube faster?

Q&A Session at the end of the event
During the whole event there will be a box where you can put (anonymously) your questions about everything related to bikes - bike infrastructure, road rules, where to buy and how to choose a bike, where to find travel companions for bike trips etc. At the end of the event we will answer these questions. 

During the whole event there will be free access to BBQ. You just need to bring what you'd like to grill, or buy it - there's Cactus next to the venue).

As always, you can grab free maps and other interesting bike-related info!

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Monday the 17th - Bike Info Luxembourg - Hostgator Coupon