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The first URBAN CYCLING DAY took place on 12 April 2014 (Saturday) in Kulturfabrik (Ratelach hall), Esch sur Alzette (116, rue de Luxembourg L-4221).

Organising this event, we aimed to inspire people to start cycling, dispel stereotypes, answer the most frequent questions about bicycles and just entertain you with interesting presentations and other activities.

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What was there?

Presentations on the following topics:

  • Stereotypes about urban cycling
      What stops people from riding bike in the city? Let's crash the stereotypes about urban cycling!!!
  • Road rules for cyclists
      Know your enemy rights! This will help you to avoid problems with police and defend yourself in case of a conflict with drivers.
  • Road rules?! What road rules?
      You have all seen it. The popular highly emasculated car show “TopGear" where Joe average gets to see what he will never be able to drive and thus gets motivated to take his old Fiesta on the small roads of Luxembourg, do 100km/h overseeing any weaker participants along the way. More specifically the producers have a fierce hate towards cyclists as the recent red/green clip shows where the cyclist gets blown to smithereens because red is not in his vocabulary. Steve explained what the difference between a 1600kg and 100kg really means.
      Along the way we will break the law on most occasions and may it be only to save our own life.
  • Alley Cat rides
      Ever heard of Alley Cat city bike rides? Yes, we have them in Luxembourg) More details - in Mate's talk.
  • Critical Mass movement
      The last Friday of every month we gather in the city centre for a group bike ride in order to show that cyclists are also participants of the traffic.
  • Bicycle equipment: overview
      What bicycle equipment and accessories exist? Manu presented an overview.
  • Maintenance of your bicycle
      In this presentation Manuel and his friends expained what you should check in your bicycle before leaving home, what can happen during ride and how to fix it. Nothing too technical, the very basics!
  • Is your bike fit for you?
      From this presentation we learned how to adjust your bicycle to your body and make riding more pleasent.
  • Long distance bike travels with and without a tent
      Have you ever dreamed to just get out of your house, sit on your bike and cycle south?! Well who hasn’t, but what does it really take to cover well over 140km per day over a period of 2-6 weeks. Steve has Cycled several times such distances and gave a talk about his adventures.
  • Mountain biking
      South Luxembourg is famous for its mountain bike tracks. Wanna try but don't know how to start? Then, this talk is for you!


Bicycle exhibition, photo exhibition "Esch City Byke", free cycling maps.

Free Your Stuff: let's bring bicycle equipment, lights, saddles, bells, locks - everything we don't need any more - maybe, somebody is looking for this stuff!..

Shared Dinner at the end: you're very welcome to cook something delicious and bring along sharing with other cyclists. We will have a special table for this:)

Live music during pauses!

Language: English

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Monday the 17th - Bike Info Luxembourg - Hostgator Coupon