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If you don't have your own bicycle yet, there are several places where you can rent one.

VEL'OH - bike sharing system in Luxembourg and Strassen
www.veloh.lu or 800 611 00

Vel'oh bicycles are available 24h/day 7d/week at 72 stations across Luxembourg-city and Strassen. It's a bike sharing system: you can take a bicycle at one station and return at any other. An annual subscription costs 15€, one week subscription - only 1€. When you take a Vel'oh bike, the first 30min are free, and afterwards each hour is 1 euro. The max is 5€/ 24 hours.

Check availability of free spots to return a bike: Vel'oh Heatmap by Thierry Degeling

Vélos en Ville - Location of bicycles
8, Bisserwee, Luxembourg-Grund and 4796-2383

Here you can rent a bicycle, for example, for a day trip. Apart from that, the atelier Vélos en Ville offers relatively cheap repairing and washing bicycles.

Vël'Ok - bike sharing system in Esch/Alzette
www.velok.lu or 54 42 45 200

The service is free. You just need to authorize the taking of a 150€ guarantee in case of theft or deterioration of the bike.

BIKETOURS - mountain bikes

Biketours offers MTB (mountain bikes) for day or week rent. Accessories, such as helmets, mini-cameras Go Pro, lights etc. are also available.

Bike rental:

- 1/2 day: 25€
- 1 day: 35€
- week-end: 50€
- mid-week: 85€
- week: 95€


- helmet: 5€
- bottle: 5€ (only buy)
- SPD pedals: 2.5€
- GoPro: 25€/day
- lock: 2.5€
- lights: 5€

Every rental must be paid in advance, and a caution of 150€ must be delivered.

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