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Here you can find maps with various bicycle routes in the following regions:
*all the maps are free



France (La Moselle; North)
Germany (Saarland & more)



Luxembourg Luxembourg’s National cycle route network

A list of 23 national cycle routes in the country of Luxembourg. The majority of them run along a separate path and independently from the roads.

Bicycle paths in Luxembourg city

 A map of all the existing bike lanes in Luxembourg city. Special bike racks and Vel'oh! stations are also marked.



A 40km bike tour around Luxembourg city. If you prefer to ride down the hill, it's better to start from the city-centre moving against clockwise.


Nature Part Our

Some cycling paths in the Northern part of Luxembourg, on the border with Germany. The area is actually a nature park.


Nature Part Our (MTB)

The same area of the Nature Part Our, but this time mountain bike tracks.

Ardennes Northern Luxembourg (Ardennes)

Lots of mountain bike tracks in Northern Luxembourg and more. The map is based on gpsies.com.
Mullerthal Mullerthal region (French & Dutch)

A brochure with cycle routes in Eastern Luxembourg described in French and Dutch. Elevation profile is also included.
Brochure Best of Luxembourg brochure (English)

Apart from numerous articles on cycling, the brochure includes several cycle routes with detailed descriptions and elevation profiles.


fietsnet.be Fietsnet.be

A very good route planner for the Northern half of Belgium, South Netherlands and partly Western Germany.
Antwert Antwerp-city and the harbour area

Bike lanes in the city of Antwerp and the area of harbour nearby.
Antwerp harbour The harbour area near Antwerp

Several cycle routes across the harbours of Antwerp.
Wallonie Wallonie

Cycle routes in Wallonie region (Namur, Charleroi, Dinant, Mons, Liege).
RAVeL RAVeL (Wallonie)

More cycle maps for Wallonie region.
Namur Province de Namur

A brochure with bike routes in the area of Namur (Wallonie rigion).
Eupen Eastern Belgium

18 cycle paths in German speaking community of Belgium: near the border with Germany and Luxembourg.
East Belgium Eastern Belgium

More maps available for download: road bikes, mountain bikes, e-bikes etc.
Tourisme Gps South Belgium

Bike paths in the South part of the country, with elevation profile.


Paris-London The Avenue Verte London <> Paris is specially signposted for cyclists between the two great capitals, and you cross the Channel via the Transmanche Newhaven-Dieppe service, landing in Normandy.
La Moselle Numerous cycle routes for road bikes in the Moselle region (800km of bike lanes)
La Moselle MTB  Lots of MTB-routes, also in Moselle region.


NRW Radrouten Planer

Route planner for NRW region. It covers also Rheinland-Pfalz, Thuringen, Hessen, partially Bavaria and Saxony. On this website you can also check elevation profile, estimated time (with the chosen average speed), and download GPS track.
NRW Saarland

A number of bicycle routes in Saarland, partially covering Lorraine region of France and Eastern Luxembourg.


Saar-Lor-Lux Bike Without Borders

12 bicycle routes across 3 countries: France, Germany and Luxembourg. The regions of Saarland, Lorraine and South-East Luxembourg.


GPSies Gpsies.com

Lots of cycling tacks with elevation profiles across all over the world. You can choose between MTB, road bike rides and even more...


OpenCycleMap OpenCycleMap

A global map for cyclists, based on data from the OpenStreetMap project. Mostly, Europe, but you can find routes in other parts of the world, as well.
Bikemap.net Bikemap.net

Thousands of bicycle routes across all over the world. Elevation profile is available. On this website you can find routes of other cyclists, as well as create your own ones.

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