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You decided to start riding bike in the city, but don't know anything about bicycles? Check this guide:

1) Need a bike?

If you don't have a bicycle yet, there are several options where you can get one, depending on your budget. Bicycles in bike shops are pretty expensive, but at the same time they are new and good quality. The list of bike shops in Luxembourg is here. Another option is luxbazar.lu. Here you can find a used bike for less than 100 euro. Finally, check Velo Okkasiounsmaart - Kaafen an Verkaafen group on Facebook.


What type of bike do you need? Here you can find brief descriptions of the main types of bicycles which will help you to choose the one consistent with your needs. To start commuting, a used hybrid bicycle will be enough.  

2) Need bike equipment & accessories?

According to the law, a bicycle have to be equipped with front and back lights (when it's dark or when visibility is less than 200m). Reflective elements on spokes (two for each wheel), as well as a bell, are also compulsory.

Apart from this, there are lots of accessories which can make your biking life easier. For instance, a bike computer which calculates the distance of your trip, speed etc. Or bike trailers which you can tow behind, carrying heavy loads. Check an overview of bike equipment and accessories available on the market.

All this stuff you can find in local bike shops, eBay, Amazon, and also in big supermarkets like Auchan, Cactus and Cora.

3) Where can you ride?

On this page you can find explanation of the road rules for cyclists. According to the law, bicycle is a mean of transport, and you have right to ride on the roads together with cars. If a driver is trying to say something like "the road is for cars", don't listen!

4) Where to leave your bike?

You don't have to park only in special bike racks. The law doesn't say anything concerning parking, so you can leave your bike everywhere, as long as pedestrians and other vehicles have enough space to pass. For instance, you can lock your bike to a tree, fence or street light post.


5) Choose your commute route

On this map you can find all the bike paths of Luxembourg-city, as well as special parking places for bicycles and Vel'oh stations. Now you can plan how to get to your office or school by bike. If you live not in the city, check the map of 23 national cycling paths across the whole country.

You don't have to ride the whole way. In the morning, when you don't have time, you can take your bike in bus or train, and cycle home in the evening.

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