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What is a subculture of urban cycling? Just riding your bike in the city? No) Check what else do we have here, in Luxembourg:

Commuting by bicycle

Have you ever considered going to your school/office by bicycle?

In fact, lots of people do it every day. Although the infrastructure of bike paths in Luxembourg is not as developed as, for instance, in Holland, you can always find a nice route that is good for cycling. Why do you need it? Morning exercises will give you energy for the whole day. It's good for health: you spend time on fresh air and train your heart. Even if you don't have time for fitness, commuting by bike can partially replace it.

Viaduc counter

This is a counter of cyclists passing the Viaduc bridge in Luxembourg city every day. Impressive, isn't it? Become one of us and benefit from free morning fitness!

*you can combine cycling with public transport, bikes in trains and buses are allowed!

Critical Mass Luxembourg

Critical Mass is a group bike ride typically held on the last Friday of every month in many cities all over the world. It aims at showing that cyclists also have rights on the road

The CM rides are open to everyone: it doesn't matter whether you're beginner or professional, riding road bike or tandem. Cyclists gather and ride randomly in the city centre, having fun and chatting to each other.

Critical Mass

Currently, CM is no longer organised in Luxembourg due to lack of enthusiasts. If you would like to organise it, feel free to announce the ride on Critical Mass group on Facebook! Otherwise, you are always welcome to join Crimital Mass in Trier.

We Ride Luxembourg

We Ride (meaning: Wednesday Ride or Weekend Ride) is a weekly ride for Fixed Gear enthusiasts who like fast urban cycling, pedalling through traffic. Everybody who shares the same passion is welcome to join us!


For more information check us on FB: We Ride Luxembourg group

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